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Hello, and thanks for looking at my website.

This is a space for sharing my passion for photography and some of my favourite images with you.

I have always been interested in photography, from the days when my Dad and I had a dark room in a small out building in the back garden, but it wasn't until recently that I purchased a DSLR and really became bitten by the bug, and since then I've become hooked...

My favourite subjects are landscapes and wildlife, and I like to experiment with digital techniques too. Recently, I have started to branch out into portraits and have completed my first Wedding photo shoot in 2012

I hope you get as much pleasure from looking at my pictures as I do from taking them; I never realised how all consuming this 'hobby' would become!

Please leave a comment in the Guestbook, or if you would like to ask a question or purchase a print, then feel free to email me at

Thanks again for looking,
Paul HW